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A Modern Rabbitry. Striving for a refined way of raising bunnies. 

Our rabbitry has officially closed our doors. We are no longer breeding and all of our bunnies have found their forever homes.  We will continue to have our Busy Bunny Shop and still provide our boarding services for our families. 

We are a small-scale Holland Lop rabbitry located in Blanco, Texas.  We proudly raise high quality, pedigreed Holland Lop and Netherland Dwarf bunnies for companions and therapy work. Our goal is to raise beautiful, healthy bunnies with docile and excellent temperaments. Our bunnies are our pets first and foremost. They are pampered with a high quality of care, lots of love and daily socialization.


Our philosophy has and will always be quality over quantity.

Bailey Bunnies Rabbitry


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