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The BBR Family

Welcome to Bailey Bunnies Rabbitry!  We are a Holland Lop & Netherland Dwarf Rabbitry located in Blanco, Texas.  Our love of the Holland Lops started many years ago when I was a child.   Since 2015 we have worked towards breeding quality Pedigreed Holland Lops. In 2022, we added Netherland Dwarfs to our rabbitry.

We are a family of 6!  My hubby, Chris, and we have 4 boys. Our boys have been a tremendous help with raising our bunnies.  With their helping hands, it allows our kits to be introduced to children early on.  And we can't forget all of our other fur babies! Our bunnies are raised around our Schnauzer, Harley, our Doodle, Declan and our kitty Savvy.  We are members of the Holland Lop Specialty Club and The American Rabbits Breeders Association, Inc. 

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