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Available Bunnies

We take pride in breeding quality, well loved bunnies.  When it comes to breeding, temperament and genetic health is just as important as features. All of our bunnies are purebred and fully pedigreed.  We know the lineage of our bunnies to ensure that we are breeding for the best temperament, health, and features. We specialize in breeding for pet bunnies only. We no longer offer brood or 4h/show bunnies. This is a personal decision to help us focus on the socializing our bunnies to go to loving, forever homes. Our pet bunnies are $265 each plus sales tax.  All of our bunnies require the same quality of care and love from day one; therefore, we do not charge more for specific genders or "exotic" or "rare" colors.  

All of our bunnies will go home with an approved Bunny Swag Bag!  Your bunny's reusable Swag Bag bag will include a 16 oz bag of hay, transition feed, variety chew of sticks, 3 types of treats, 3 toys, and a blanket. Also included is your bunny's birth certificate. Prior to your bunny's go home date you will receive and email with our digital extensive care packet that covers everything you need to know when caring for your bunny. BBR does provide advice for the lifetime of your bunny and offer a health guarantee.



We require a $100 plus tax deposit to reserve bunny.  The amount listed below is just the deposit amount.  The full adoption amount will be listed in the individual listings.  To view the individual listings and to find out more about each bunny, click on the individual photos.  Additional photos and details about each bunny are listed within the product images below, this includes the full adoption fee. The adoption fee for pet bunnies is $265 plus tax. To reserve one of the available bunnies below, please click on the image and proceed through the checkout process. Please note, the amount you are paying is just the deposit which will be applied to your total adoption fee.  The remaining balance is due at pickup.  Pet bunnies WILL NOT be sold with a pedigree or breeding rights.

When reserving your bunny, please select "bunny -pickup required" for your shipping option.  We DO NOT ship or transport our bunnies at this time.  Pickup is required in Blanco, Texas location. 

All sales are final once you reserve a bunny.  Please ensure you are selecting the bunny you want.  In the unlikely event, something should happen to your bunny prior to pick up, we will provide you a refund.  We do not offer a "switching" policy to a different bunny once you reserve a bunny.  Be sure the bunny you choose is the one you are committed to. By reserving through our website you are agreeing by these terms and our sales policy.

If you are a child or under the age of 18, please have a parent contact me to reserve a bunny.  All bunnies require pick up from our rabbitry in Blanco, Texas. Bunnies can not go home until at least 8 weeks of age.  In some cases, when we are available, we can offer to meet an out-of-town family for pickup.  Please note there is a $35 transportation fee plus a rate of .66 cents per mile to and from zip code 78606. In these circumstances, adoption fee and transportation fee is required prior to the meeting.

For our out of state families, at this time we do not ship our bunnies. It is something we are looking into. Currently Alaska Airlines, Spirit Airlines, and United Airlines will allow a bunny to fly in cabin with you. All airline fees are the responsibility of the customer. A veterinary health certificate will be required to fly with your bunny.  The fee is $95 for the health certificate from our veterinarian. We will meet families at the San Antonio International Airport in the lobby if you are flying in and back out within the same day. There is $75 transport fee for this service. 

Visit our Facebook page at for the most updated information on our upcoming kits!

By reserving a bunny on our website you agree to our Pet Sales Agreement terms and conditions.  We reserve the right to amend any and all policies and pricing at our discretion without notice. A signed copy is required at pickup.  You can view our Pet Sales Agreement via the pdf link below.





At this time all bunnies are reserved for the year.

Please visit our Upcoming Litters page to learn more about future litters.



Updated 1.5.2023

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