Boarding & Services

Boarding Services

We are fully booked for the remainder of 2022.  We are located in Blanco, Texas.  We are about 45 miles west of Austin and 45 miles north of San Antonio.

All bunnies are recommended to have the RHDV2 vaccine. Vaccines need to be administered at least two weeks prior to boarding services. 


BBR is here to offer boarding services to your bunnies while you are out of town! If you are thinking of adding a new family member but are worried about vacations or business trips then let us ease your worries and care for your bunnies while you are away.  Finding boarding for a bunny is much more difficult than a cat or dog.  At BBR we offer short term boarding for your beloved bun.

It is best to contact us at least 4-6 weeks in advance for your boarding needs.  We have plenty of spare xpens and cages for boarding, so no need to load up that cage and bring it with you.  The only required item you must bring is enough food pellets for their entire stay. We highly encourage you to bring treats, toys, their litter box and preferred litter.  They will be staying in a climate-controlled area that stay around 68-70 degrees.  They will receive a minimum of 2 hours of exercise and free roam a day.   If weather permits, they will have playtime outside in an enclosed pen. Pictures are sent to you during their stay for comfort and joy.

We offer affordable daily rates and a few add on options to select from. 

Boarding Package: $18 per cage, per day. Each additional bunny in the same cage is $5 per day.  The client must provide: pellet food, treats, litter and toys.  Each bunny will receive 2 hours of exercise and free roam a day. Daily cage cleaning.

Add on fresh veggies is $2 per day. We want their diet to remain just the same as it is at home. If you feed them any fresh veggies, just send me a grocery list of their favorites and we will feed them fresh veggies daily.

Add on Comfort Checkups: $15 per bunny, per visit

Add on Mite and Dewormer Preventive add on: $10 per bunny, per visit

Add on Nail Trim Only: $8 per bunny, per visit

We are open on most holidays but do book up fast around Spring Break, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  Summer time tends to be busy as well. If you are planning a longer trip than 10 days, please contact us for a quote.

60% deposit is required at booking and the remaining payment is due at drop-off. Contracts are required at the time of boarding drop-off.  Customers must provide preferred veterinary information in case of an emergency.


Comfort Checkups

BBR is here now offering Comfort Checkups for your bunnies.  These checkups offer a seven point evaluation of your bunny with offering a nail trim.  BBR 's Comfort Checkups do not replace your well visits with your exotic veterinarian.  These 20 minute comfort checkups are for getting your bunnies nails trimmed and ensuring your bunny appears to be in good health.

When your bunny comes to visit for their Comfort Checkup we will look over the following: your bunny's ears, eyes, nose, teeth, feet, reproductive organs/scent glands and fur condition.  We will also do a weigh in and trim those bunny nails.  While you are here we can administer a preventive mite and dewormer as well.  We recommend a comfort check every 10-12 weeks.

Comfort Checkups: $20 per bunny, per visit

Mite and Dewormer Preventive add on: $12 per bunny, per visit

Nail Trim Only: $10 per bunny, per visit

To schedule a Comfort Checkup for your bunny, please send us an email at

Please note: We are not trained and licensed medical professionals, these evaluations are the same ones we provide to our herd on a regular basis.  All bunnies that we suspect or require medical care are taken to an exotic vet. We highly recommend that all families take your bunny to an experienced, exotic veterinarian for an annual check up or anytime you believe something might be wrong with your bunny.