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2022 Christmas Bunnies

Christmas is a magical time of year and our favorite holiday here at BBR!  This is also a very busy time of year for bunny inquires.  We have helped many families over the years to help make Christmas a magical experience for their families and surprising them with a bunny on Christmas day.  With all of that said, we still like to maintain the same quality of care and ethical breeding for our herd which means we will only have a limited number of bunnies available for Christmas.  

This page will be dedicated to provide updates about our planned Christmas Litters and the process for getting on our Christmas Waitlist. Below are key points about our Christmas waitlist and bunny reservations.  

  • We are no longer accepting Christmas Nursery Waitlist Applications for 2022.  Families must specify on their application that they are looking for a Christmas bunny.  We are only accepting 10 families for this list at this time.* (Please see below for more details)

  • We maintain a separate waitlist for our Christmas Litters.  If you request to be on the Christmas Waitlist, you will ONLY be contacted about Christmas bunnies.  Families can not be on both waiting lists. 

  • We will close applications on November 1, 2022 OR once we reach 10 names.  Generally our list is full by early October. 

  • Christmas breeding will start September 14th through the 20th.  We anticipate babies to arrive between October 15th and 22th.

  • Christmas bunny reservations will be held Sunday, November 27th starting at 6 pm.  

  • Christmas bunnies will be ready to go starting December 17th.  All bunnies must be picked up no later than December 22nd.  However, we will offer limited Christmas Eve pickups between the hours of 8 pm and 11 pm for a $65 fee.

  • Due to the time of the year, full adoption fees are due at reservations. 

  • Pickup at our location is required. Due to the holiday season we will not offer any transport options or boarding options past the dates listed above.  

*The number of spots we allow on our Christmas Waitlist is determined by the number of does we are breeding, their average litter sizes, consideration for any losses and a few other uncontrolled variables. This gives us an average number of spots to open up. If we have more babies than anticipated we will open more spots on our Christmas Waitlist around October 28, 2022. Please note, we can not guarantee any family they will be able to reserve a bunny.

To ensure this process is as fair to everyone as possible, we are limiting families to ONE bunny on reservation day. If we happen to have additional bunnies remaining after all waitlist families have been contacted, we will allow families to select a second bunny. We do not accept monitory gifts in exchange for special treatment or to reserve a bunny early.  Please do not ask and make me have to be the Grinch. This request will be grounds for removal from our waiting list. 


At this time our Christmas Nursery Waitlist has remaining spots.  Please note, not all applications will be approved.  We want to ensure that all of our bunnies go to the best possible homes.  All applications will be reviewed within 2-4 business days and an approval will be emailed to the email address on your application. Make sure you enter the correct email address and save our email address to your contacts. Our email address is  

At this time our Christmas Waitlist is full for 2022. Families are welcome to submit Nursery Waitlist Applications, however, they will be placed on our standard waitlist. 

Upcoming Litters for Christmas

Holland Lops

Graceland  & Gus

Thea & FJ

Willa & Memphis

Smoothie & Sherman

Netherland Dwarfs

Bloom & Rio 

Nona & Rio

Holland Lops

Berkeley & FJ

Kisses & Gus

Lumi & Blueberry

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