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Meet Our Bunnies

Welcome to our Herd Page! Without our Mommas and Papa, our rabbitry would not exist.  Each one of these bunnies has a special spot in our hearts and home.  We picked each of them to join our herd based on temperament, pedigree, color and features.  They are our current brood bucks and does and produce all of our beautiful bunnies.  Our buns each have a unique personality and we adore them all.


For the last 7 years we have specialized in breeding Holland Lops exclusively. Holland Lops are by far our favorite breed of bunnies for their sweet disposition and easy going temperament. We recently added a new breed of bunnies to our herd, the Netherland Dwarfs.  The Netherland Dwarfs joined our herd in September of 2022 for our son to have his own bunny project.  We are so excited to welcome them to our herd and are excited to support our son's dream of breeding and showing Netherland Dwarfs.

To  view our Mommas and Papas and to learn a little more about each breed, click on the subpages for Holland Lops and Netherland Dwarfs. 

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