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Maximus 360 Lizard X360 Usb Pro Driver Download NEW!trmdsbfdcm


maximus 360 lizard x360 usb pro driver downloadtrmdsbfdcm

website: A: I tried your code and it worked. However, I made a small change in your code as I am not exactly sure why you defined the height as 800. Please see below: import sys import os import cv2 import numpy as np import PIL # Load Image filename = raw_input("Please enter the name of your image: ") # Load Image from file image = cv2.imread('/home/vibhu/Desktop/TFF-Testing/' + filename) # Create Mask mask = np.zeros(image.shape[:2], dtype=np.uint8) # Calculate the center of the pixels h, w = image.shape[0], image.shape[1] x, y = h/2, w/2 # Loop through pixels for y in range(0, h): for x in range(0, w): c = (255 - image[y, x])/256 if c 0.0: mask[y, x] = 255 # Save Mask cv2.imwrite('mask.png', mask) # Show Image with Mask cv2.imshow('mask', mask) cv2.waitKey(0) # Load Mask mask2 = cv2.imread('mask.png') cv2.imshow('mask2', mask2) cv2.waitKey(0) # Extract the ROI roi = image[50:w, 50:h] roi = cv2.bitwise_not(roi) cv2.imshow('roi', roi) cv2.waitKey(0) # Save ROI cv2.imwrite('roi.png', roi) # Save Mask as Mask cv2.imwrite('mask2.png', mask2)

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Maximus 360 Lizard X360 Usb Pro Driver Download NEW!trmdsbfdcm

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