Upcoming Litters

BBR offers litters throughout the year.  While many breeders tend not to breed during the summer due to the Texas heat, BBR does.  Our bunnies are not housed outdoors.  Holland Lops and Netherland Dwarfs are especially sensitive to extreme temperatures so our buns are in a climate-controlled environment.  This allows us to produce litters throughout the year.  We do tend to have fewer litters during the summer because this is the time of year we can give our does a little break.   


We work off of a Nursery Waitlist for the adoption of our bunnies. On average, our nursery waitlist is 2-3 months long. This means it can take 2-3 months to place a bunny with a family.  Our bunnies are highly sought after due to our high ethical standards of breeding and our ability to produce well socialized and loving bunnies. We have families come from all over the United States to adopt one of our bunnies. We love that so many people love our bunnies and it is our goal to place a bunny with a family within a reasonable amount of time. 

The adoption of our bunnies is not a quick process.  Each family that adopts one of our bunnies becomes a part of our family.  We walk each family through our adoption process and stay in contact with most families long after their bunny goes home.  Our families have the opportunity to pick the best bunny for their family when it comes to gender, color, temperament, and personality.  For families with those special requests, they may stay on the nursery waitlist until one is available. 


If you would like to be considered for our Nursery Waitlist, please visit our Nursery Waitlist Application page. 

The upcoming litters below are reserved for our Nursery Waitlist families.  Should any of the bunnies remain after we contact all families, we will open up adoptions to the general public.

Litters in the Nest Box

Molly & Blueberry



Genders TBD

Reservation Date is 10.16.2022

Go Home Date: 10.29.2022

Litters Expecting Soon

Due 9.28.2022

Holland Lops

Honey & Ozzy

Clover & FJ

Poppy & Memphis

Due 10.17.2022

Holland Lops

Buttercup & FJ

Smoothie & Sherman

Netherland Dwarfs

Nona& Rio 

Due 10.16.2022

Holland Lops

Graceland  & Gus

Thea & FJ

Willa & Memphis

Netherland Dwarfs

Bloom & Rio 

Due 10.19.2022

Holland Lops

Lumi & Blueberry

Berkeley & FJ

Kisses & Gus

Future Planned Litters
September through December 2022

Millie & Gus

Solana & Sherman

Esme & FJ

BBR reserves the right to first pick of any/all babies from litters produced. As babies grow, we will notate which babies are "On Hold for BBR at this time." This is subject to change at any time, at our discretion. Any babies with no hold notations will be available on their scheduled reservation dates.

​Updated 9.28.2022