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Our Herd

Meet our herd!  Each one of these bunnies has a special spot in our hearts and home.  We picked each of the bunnies to join our herd based on temperament and pedigree.  They are our current brood bucks and does and produce all of our beautiful bunnies.  Our buns each have a unique personality and we adore them.  The bunnies below are not for sale.

The Does


Humble Holland's Magnolia
Doe - Sable Point

Magnolia is a doll! She loves to give kisses and enjoys head scratches.  She is easy going and loves to lounge on your lap.  We joke all the time that she is like a cat. Mags has produced beautiful sable points and tortes.

BBR's Blair
Doe - Chestnut Agouti

Blair is a sweetheart! She is easygoing and laid back which can be rare in a doe.   She was one of our first homegrown babies that we kept.  She is a wonderful mama and produces a variety of gorgeous colors.

bailey bunnies rabbitry

Bontempi's Graceland
Doe - Black Broken

Gracie is a sweetie!  She is a very curious girl and loves her playtime.  She has some of the best zoomies in the herd.  She is a wonderful mama and produces beautiful babies.

BBR's Thea
Doe - Orange Broken

Thea is a ham! She has the best personality.  She loves attention and does some of the most amazing binkies! She is an amazing mama and produces the sweetest babies. 


BBR's Lulu
Doe - Blue Otter

Lulu is one of our first homegrown otter does.  We are so exicted to watch her grow!   We are planning her first litter in early Spring 2021.

BBR's Buttercup
Doe - Black Torte

Buttercup is one of the newest additions to our herd! She is one of Butter's babies and we adore her just like her momma. She has the sweetest temperament. She is always eager for love and attention. 


Campo's Puddin' Pop
Doe - Chocolate

Puddin' is an easy going girl! We love her laid back personality.  She has larger litters and is a rock star at motherhood.  She produces some of the prettiest chocolate babies.  

BBR's Lucy
Doe - Broken Lynx

Lucy is a doll! We love her go with the flow personality.  She loves head scratches and nose kisses.  She recently welcomed her first litter with us and did amazing! Updated photos of this sweet girl coming soon!


BBR's Poppy
Doe - Lilac

Poppy has a larger than life personality! We are so excited to see her grow over the next few months. We anticipate her first litter early 2022. 

BBR's Dixie
Doe - Broken Lilac Torte

Dixie has the most even tempered personality. We loves being the center of attention and is so loving with children.  She recently welcomed her first litter and is an amazing mom.  Updated photos of her coming soon! 


BBR's Willa
Doe - Opal

Willa is one of Blair's babies.  She is petite and a snuggle bug! Willa has grown quite a bit and I really need to update her photos (along with many others).  She is am amazing momma and produces beautiful blue tortes and opals.

LSL's Babs
Doe - Blue Otter

We are so excited to add Babs to our rabbitry! She will be going us in October 2020. 


The Bucks


BBF's Blueberry
Buck - Blue Broken

Blueberry is a sweetie! We adore this lovable little guy. He is full of personality and loves to snuggle.  He is one of our best breeders and produces the most beautiful babies. 

BBR's Memphis
Buck - Blue Torte Broken
Let me count the ways I love him! This sweet guy stole my heart from the moment I saw him.  We are so excited to watch him grow!


BBR's Baloo
Buck - Blue Otter

This little guy had me swooning from day one! Big thank you to Lonestar Lops for allow us to "borrow" your sweet Fresno to produce this beautiful buck!  We hope to carry on his legacy for many litters to come.

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